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Advantages of oil air lubrication

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The advantages of oil and gas lubrication are mainly listed below.
Typical "gas-liquid two-phase fluid cooling and lubrication technology"
The load carrying capacity of gas-liquid two-phase membrane is greatly improved.
Due to the increase of the thickness of lubricating film, the formation rate of lubricating film is improved, and the grinding effect is excellent.
The lubricating oil can be continuously conveyed so that the bearing is always in the best lubrication state.
To achieve higher rotational speed, the DM * n value can reach 1.5 * 106.
To achieve equal time distribution of lubricating oil.
The high air velocity at the oil and gas inlet of the oil and gas distributor is the key to the obvious effect of oil and gas lubrication.
Because lubricant consumption is extremely small, no excess heat will be generated.
Lubricating oil can be distributed evenly or on demand.
Continuous compressed air is beneficial to the cooling of bearings.
Compressed air in the bearing can maintain positive pressure, can prevent the invasion of dirt and water, so that the bearing has good sealing performance.
Suitable for different harsh working conditions, such as high temperature, heavy load, high or very low speed, with cooling water and dirt invasion of the bearing occasions.
A set of oil and gas lubrication system can supply oil and gas flow to up to 1500 lubrication points, and the direction of the pipeline is not restricted.
Can use high viscosity machine oil or even half flow grease.
There are very perfect ways to monitor the working conditions of oil and gas lubrication systems.