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Characteristics of jet lubrication

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Our company is a well-known gear spray lubrication production enterprises, so for the gear spray lubrication device to help, the following sub-section describes the characteristics of spray lubrication.
Small volume, light weight and simple structure.
2. The grease can not atomized, and the utilization rate can reach over 90%, which meets the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection.
(3) The adjustment range of injection pressure, injection distance and injection range is wide, which is suitable for different oil products and different size gears.
4. It is easy to solve the gambling problem by using backflushing, and it is easy to maintain.
It can preset the injection time and stop time, and it is easy to realize automation.
By using this system, the service life of large and heavy-duty open gear pairs can be increased, the downtime and maintenance cost can be reduced.