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Basic classification of lubrication systems

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Lubrication system is the most widely used system in mechanical equipment. There are many types, which can be roughly divided into the following seven types:
(1) Throttle type uses fluid resistance to distribute lubricant. The amount of lubricant is proportional to pressure and orifice size. The range of oil supply pressure is 0.2-1.5 MPa, and the lubrication point can reach more than 300.
(2) Under intermittent pressure (direct or delayed), a single-line lubricant is sent to the nozzle through a single-line main line and then to all lubricating points. The supply pressure range is 0.3-21 MPa and the lubricating point can be up to 200.
(3) Under the action of pressure, the double-wire lubricant is sent to the quantitative distributor by two main lines which alternately change the flow direction by a directional control valve, and the quantitative distributor is controlled by alternating the lift of the lubricant pressure in the main line, leading the alternating lift of the lubricant pressure in the main line, so that the quantitative lubricant is supplied to the lubricant for lubrication. Slip point. The supply pressure ranges from 0.3 to 40MPa with up to 2000 lubrication points.
(4) Each outlet of the multi-wire multi-head oil pump has a pipeline that directly delivers the quantitative lubricant to the corresponding lubricating point. The pipeline can be arranged in parallel or in series. The pressure range of the oil supply is 0.3-40 MPa, and the lubricating point can be up to 2000.
(5) The lubricant is delivered to each lubricating point in a predetermined progressive sequence by a progressive pressure-lifting manipulated quantitative distributor with a range of 0.3-40 MPa and more than 800 lubricating points.
(6) Oil mist/oil-gas mist/oil-gas lubrication is a lubrication method in which the compressed air is mixed with the lubricating oil and the oil mist or fine oil droplets are sent to the lubricating point through the condenser or nozzle. The oil supply can be adjusted. The lubricating oil may contain suspended oil mist in the compressed air and pollute the environment. If necessary, the waste can be removed by ventilation device. Gas.
When adopting this lubrication method, the compressed air must be dehydrated and purified, and antioxidant additives should be added to the lubricating oil.
The difference between oil mist and oil-air lubrication is that the oil particle size of the former is 1-3 m, while that of the latter is 50-100 m, usually in the form of tiny oil droplets, and the transportation distance is much shorter than that of the former.
(7) hybrid lubrication system composed of the above lubrication system.
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